Writing a complaint letter

How to Write a Letter of Complaint

Here‘s a basic guide you can use when writing a complaint letter.

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  1. First, write your address, phone numbers, and email ID.

  2. Leave a blank line and then write the date.

  3. Leave 2 blank lines and write the name and designation of the person to whom you are addressing the complaint letter. Also include the name of the organization or company.

  4. Leave a blank line and write RE:
    Re: is short for reference.

    Here, you can provide reference information like the name of the product or service, the receipt number or anything that will tell the recipient what the letter is about.

    When you write a complaint letter, it is always a good idea to include the reference information to help you get a quicker resolution.

  5. Leave a blank line and write the salutation. Dear Mr./Ms. X

  6. Next, leave a blank line and write the body of the complaint letter.

    Divide it into 3 or 4 small paragraphs that explain the background of the complaint, and what action you expect from the company.
    Explain your point of view, but be polite.

  7. End the letter on a positive note as it will probably help you get a quicker solution to your problem.

    This is very important to remember when writing a letter of complaint: being rude is probably easier, but being polite will help you get the job done sooner.

    For example, you could write something like:
    “I have been using your product/service for a long time and I have always been satisfied. However - - -(here, you can write whatever complaint you have.)”

  8. End the complaint letter with a complimentary close that motivates the recipient to respond quickly. So you can write:
    “Looking forward to a quick response”

    “Looking forward to your help”

    “I appreciate your help”

  9. Leave 3 blank lines and write your full name. Your signature will come above your name.

  10. Leave a blank line after your name and write CC: (optional).

    CC: indicates that you are sending a copy of the complaint letter to someone else.

    When writing a complaint letter, it is a good idea to CC: the letter to a person who is senior to the person you are writing to.

    This way the person you are writing to knows that the complaint letter is also going to a higher authority - ensuring your letter gets a speedy response.

  11. Enclosures: (optional)

    If you want to send documents like bills or receipts, write Enclosures and list the name of the document you are sending. Leave a blank line after CC: and then write Enclosures. For example,

    CC: Tina Sing

    Senior Manager, HYD Appliances

    Enclosures: Bill of purchase

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