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Inquiry Letter, Inquiry Letters, business inquiry letter, example Top Tips for Writing an Inquiry Letter.

  1. Make the letter very clear, and to the point. If you have more than 2 questions or points, make a list to improve readability.

  2. Tell them what‘s in it from them. For example, if you are seeking information from a government body or an expert, you can offer to mention their help in a report.

    Or if you are writing to find out about a product or a service, tactfully suggest that you may need to place an order later.

  3. It‘s a bad idea to send a letter for information that you can easily get from somewhere else, like the Internet. You will need to spend some amount of time and money in sending this letter. So firdt try to find the information by yourself.

    And if you don‘t find it, go ahead and send that letter.

So, What are the 2 types of Inquiry Letters?
  • Solicited: Sent in response to an advertisement, or any other direct communication.

  • Unsolicited: Not sent in response to an advertisement. Because your letter is not expected, you need to make sure that it is very clear why you are writing it.

How to Write an Inquiry Letter

Here‘s what you need to include in an inquiry letter:

  1. Introduce yourself:

    In a solicited letter, you can just mention that you are writing with reference to a particular advertisement.

    But in an unsolicited letter, give more detailed information as to who you are, where do your work (if relevant) and why do you need this information.

  2. What Information do you need:

    Clearly mention what information you require- why are you writing this inquiry letter? Again, it should be very clear why you require this information.

  3. Why are you sending the letter to this specific person/organization:

    If you are sending a solicited letter in response to an ad, then this information is not required. But if you are sending an unsolicited letter to a person or an organization, tell them why you have specifically chosen to write to them.

    For example, you could say, “I believe you will be the best person to help me as you are an established authority in the field of - - -.“

  4. Include your contact details:

    This goes without saying. Make it easy for them to contact you. Include your telephone numbers, address, and Email ID.

  5. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope:

    If you want a quick reply, (or any reply!) you need to make it easy for the person to send it to you.

    Including a stamped, self-addressed envelope in inquiry letters will definitely increase your chances of getting a reply.

  6. Mention that you could not find this information anywhere else:

    You must show that you have done your homework before writing the inquiry letter. State that you tried to find this information, but were unable to do so.

  7. Close the letter by saying Thanks:

    Acknowledge that somebody will take out the time to send you the required information, and thank them for their time. Be Polite. It will only help you!

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