Business Letter Template

business letter template, free business letter template This is a basic template that you can use for almost any purpose.

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Basic Business Letter Template

Sender‘s Address
Pin Code/Zip Code

Date (Write in full. For example 12 March 2009)

Recipient‘s name
Pin Code/Zip Code

Dear Mr XYZ/Ms XYZ (Substitute the name of the person you are writing to.)

This will be the first paragraph of your letter. Introduce yourself, and state why you are writing this letter. Leave one line between the paragraphs.

In the second paragraph, elaborate and give further details on why you are writing the letter.

In the third paragraph, state the action that you would like the recipient to take. For example, do you want to schedule a meeting, are you looking for a brochure, or do you need further information?

Yours sincerely (This is the complimentary close. It comes one line after the last paragraph.)

Sender‘s signature

Sender‘s name

This business letter template uses the fully blocked layout with open punctuation. What does it mean? Simple.

You will notice that it is:

  • Left-aligned
  • Single spaced
  • No commas in address, salutation, and complimentary close.
In a fully blocked layout, all the sentences are aligned to the left, with no indentation.

And open punctuation means that the number of commas and other punctuation marks are relatively low. That is why you see no commas or full-stops in the address, salutation, and complimentary close.

A fully blocked layout with open punctuation style is easy and quick to use. That‘s probably why it has become the most common way of formatting a business letter.

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