Business Letter Formats

Business Letter Formats, business letter, format

Business letter formats influence how you place different parts of a business letter.

There are four different formats you can use, but the Block format in the most popular- and the easiest.
  1. Block Format

    • The block format is the easiest to remember because everything begins flush left. That is, it is aligned with the left margin.

    • The body of the letter (or the paragraphs) is also flush left.

    • Each paragraph is separated by a space of one line.

    • An important point to remember about Block Format is that it is normally used with Open Punctuation.

      Open punctuation uses minimal punctuation. So there is no comma at the end of the line in the address, or after the salutation and complimentary close.

      For example, notice this address that uses open punctuation(without any commas or salutation.)

    • 7 Wolfgang Street
      Montreal QC W9T 9S3

  2. Modified Block

    • The sender's address, date, complimentary close and the sender's signature block in aligned to the right of the page.

    • Everything else, including the recipient's address, salutation, body and enclosures are flush left (aligned to the left side of the page).

    • Each paragraph begins flush left, with one line space separating each paragraph.

  3. Semi-Block or Indented

    • This is exactly the same as modified block, with a small difference.

    • Unlike modified block, a semi–block (or indented) business letter format has indented paragraphs. So instead of starting flush left, the paragraphs are indented.

    • Since the paragraphs are indented, there is no space between paragraphs.

  4. Memo

    • Used for internal office communication.

    • Because it is an internal communication, it does not require a salutation and complimentary close like other business letter formats.

    • Basic format of a memo

    • Date:

      To: (if it is addressed to more than one person, list them alphabetically.)

      From: Write the name and title


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